Thank you for your interest in New Mexico Lawyers for the Arts (NMLA). NMLA serves the legal needs of artists and arts organizations, to educate artists and arts organizations about their legal rights and responsibilities, and to promote closer contact and understanding among members of the legal profession and the arts community. NMLA, through its network of volunteer attorneys, provides pro bono and tiered-rate legal assistance to artists, musicians, songwriters, photographers, sculptors, dancers, filmmakers, painters, actors and artists from many other disciplines who would not otherwise be able to afford legal representation and counseling about their rights and interests in their works. NMLA also makes referrals to experienced attorneys for artists and arts organizations that do not qualify for free legal services. NMLA conducts educational seminars and workshops on numerous legal and business-related topics. NMLA also organizes clinics where artists can meet with volunteer attorneys and accountants to discuss various issues and legal questions. NMLA also will provide mediation services as a means of resolving artists’ legal disputes. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time and expertise.

This form does not serve to admit paid members to NMLA to participate in our paid and tiered-rate referral network. This form will allow us to add you to a list of attorney’s that are interested in assisting in pro bono referrals, clinics and educational programming. Becoming a paid member is preferred because the membership fee helps fund administration and presentation of legal clinics and events.

Download the PDF: NMLA Attorney Volunteer Form

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    Many of our volunteer attorneys have joined NMLA as a “Member Referral Attorney” so that they can receive mailings of upcoming seminars, workshops and CLEs, invitations to social events (a great way to meet attorneys, artists and other entertainment professionals) and notifications on seminars and workshops. NMLA also makes tiered rate and paying referrals to interested Member attorneys for artists and arts organizations that do not qualify for pro bono assistance.