THREE PART SUMMER SERIES ON APPROPRIATION, ART AND THE LAW. All events are free and will be held at the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) in the Wax Munoz Gallery. All events are from 6-8pm.

Part I: Appropriation and Copyright: Current Legal Controversies: July 13, 2016

A lecture on the most interesting recent legal cases involving visual artists (including Richard Prince and Jeff Koons), filmmakers and musicians who utilize copyrighted materials without seeking permission from the copyright owner. The cases often involves the “defense” of fair use. Depending on where a case originates, a court may be more or less sympathetic to such appropriations or inspirations by artists. This lecture covers fair use and how the law currently conflicts in several jurisdictions, making appropriation conflicts ripe for United States Supreme Court review. Cases to be covered: Richard Prince’s litigation history, Koons’ litigation history, fan fiction, the Blurred Lines case, Authors Guild v. Google, YouTube controversies and the changing landscape of copyright law. Lecture by Talia Kosh, Esq.

Part II: Right to Remix? A Panel Conversation: July 27, 2016

A Panel discussion focusing on legal issues in Art Appropriation, Ownership and Fair Use, most specifically through the lens of Richard Prince’s legal controversies and other current fair use controversies. The panel will consist of Sherri Brueggemann, Jonathan Morse, and David Dirks, Esq. Moderated by Talia Kosh, Esq.

Part III: A Moving Line: A Roundtable Discussion on Ownership and Access to Creative Works in the Sharing Economy: August 10, 2016

How do artists navigate the changing cultural landscape from ‘ownership’ to ‘access’? This roundtable discussion focuses on the exchange of artists’ practices and understandings of ownership, collaboration, best practices in fair use.