New Mexico Lawyers for the Arts  in affiliation with the City of Santa Fe Community Gallery will present a series of panel discussions addressing issues related to the Artist as Entrepreneur.  The first two events will take place at the Santa Fe Community Gallery and are FREE and open to the public.  Reservations are not required. For more information contact


1.      Artist as Entrepreneur: The Visual Artist, A Panel Discussion

July 16, 2014, 6-8pm Santa Fe Community Gallery

There’s a ton of information out there for anyone looking to create a startup scalable business. There’s plenty of incubators for tech startups in search of money and mentorship. But what about artists who are going solo and getting paid for their art? They’re entrepreneurs, too. How does one go from creating art to creating a sustainable business model making a living from selling and marketing your art? Come talk to four creative professional and hear them discuss their career as an artist entrepreneur, including their business models and advice to the aspiring creative entrepreneur.

Panelists: Kate Russell, Jennifer Joseph, Ross Cheney and Kevin Box

Moderated by: Talia Kosh


2.     Musician as Entrepreneur: A Panel Discussion

August 20, 2014  6 – 8 pm Santa Fe Community Gallery (Convention Center)

When discussing the music industry, most people think of performers, songwriters, and composers. But today’s digital world commands that today’s successful musician manage dual roles of making music and running an entrepreneurial career: someone who sees their work as an enterprise; performing, developing patrons and venue relationships, and promoting their projects aggressively. Come hear a panel of music industry entrepreneurs discuss the role and demands of entrepreneurship in the music world, their best advice in developing and distributing your brand, engaging your fans and developing your music into a sustainable business model.


3.     Filmmaker as Entrepreneur, A Panel Discussion

September, 2014, 6pm, Location: TBA

In collaboration with N.M. Film Foundation, this panel will focus on the quintessential entrepreneur: the filmmaker. Just how important is entrepreneurship in indie film? Making a film, like running a business, is a collaborative process. The digital world put the power back in the hands of the filmmaker. But what does this mean? It means the filmmaker has to think more like an entrepreneur, becoming a small business that lasts beyond the life of a particular film. Come hear a panel of film industry entrepreneurs talk about how to seize opportunity in our digital  landscape, how to strengthen your brand and audience and embrace the entrepreneurial skill-set of filmmaking.


All events are Free and open to the public.

New Mexico Lawyers for the Arts Summer Series “Artist as Entrepreneur” is produced by New Mexico Lawyers for the Arts.

New Mexico Lawyers for the Arts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing artists and arts organizations with pro bono legal clinics and educational programming throughout New Mexico.