Saturday, Oct. 26 4-5 pm

Evoke Gallery, 130 Lincoln Avenue, Santa Fe

Richard Prince and Jay Z – what does it all mean?  “Art, Celebrity and Appropriation” is the subject of a joint NM Lawyers for the Arts and the SF Gallery Association event during Art Matters week in Santa Fe.

Join art and art law experts for a discussion on appropriation art, including Richard Prince’s recent legal victory, the impact of celebrity on art and law and the proliferation of celebrity forays into other mediums, including Jay-Z’ Abramovic-inspired foray into performance art, deemed by some critics as “the day that performance art died.” The art world has always operated according to a cult of personality-where famous artists also become brand names. Many have taken this to new heights and greater projects, while some art critics defected from the art world claiming it has become too obsessed with money and celebrity. Join us for this conversation!
FREE to the public.

Panelists: Iris McLister, Craig Anderson, Ric Lum and David Dirks, Esq.
Moderator: Talia Kosh

About Art Matters | Santa Fe, October 18-20 and 25-27
During the first annual Art Matters the Santa Fe Gallery Association will sponsor over 25 artist panel discussions and lectures in more than 16 galleries and museums over the course of two weekends. The in-gallery events will spotlight the diversity of the art scene in Santa Fe and give an inside look to the masterminds behind the art. Collectors and art enthusiasts will get the chance to go behind the scenes and hear where the inspiration for the work comes from. For more information and a full listing of events, visit