August 29, 6-8 p.m., Tipton Hall, Santa Fe Art Institute, 1600 St Michaels Dr, Santa Fe, NM. The art gallery exists as the main point of sale for most fine artists, the interface between the public and their art. However, is this still the most viable method of selling art in today’s connected world? Please join us for a thoughtful panel discussion presented by NM Lawyers for the Arts, which will focus on the place of technology, pop-up shops, retail venues, art shows, the internet and pop-up curation as alternative vehicles for promoting and selling art.

This panel will explore Jerry Saltz’ recent article on the “Death of the Gallery” and other bloggers’ responses to the role of the gallery in the digital world. The panel will bring together experts and entrepreneurs to discuss  the many ways in which art can be displayed outside of gallery walls and brought to the forefront of the public’s collective awareness.

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